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It may seem like I disappeared from the blogging earth for the last two months . . .  Actually, I went on a two-week vacation, had a couple of out-of-town visitors, went on a quilting retreat and spent what was left of my time getting ready for the Bear Creek Quilt Guild Show that was held this past weekend.

First, let me show you what my Botanical Ferns looked like hanging at the Show since this is what my last post was about:

Yes, I am very happy to report that all of my work on this quilt to block it and rework the borders and binding paid off in the end !!!!  That is a blue ribbon you see hanging there!   I got First Place in the One-Person, Medium-Sized, Machine-Quilted Category, Artisan Division.

The quilt show entries were broken up into Artisan, Master and Open Divisions.  Artisan and Masters were basically the same categories but if you were a professional quilter, teacher or had won two or more blue ribbons, you had to compete in the Masters Division.  Lucky for me this category was broken into Medium and Large because of the number of entries since I also had an entry that fell into the Large category:

I’m sure I have a post about it somewhere but to keep the record complete . . . I made the blocks with swap fabric from the Guild when we were exchanging reds.   Later the Guild had a “special project” one month to make Annie’s Choice blocks.  I ended up with twelve blocks and no plan.  I used EQ6 to come up with a dozen layouts and left it up to Alan.  He picked this setting – thus the name Alan’s Choice!

I quilted it on a friend’s long-arm that has a Statler Stitcher.  It still took two full days to get it quilted even with all that technology to help me.  I couldn’t believe that I was fortunate enough to get a Blue Ribbon for this quilt also!

I did block it the night before the show.   There was some bleeding into the white even though I only put it in a tub of cold water.   I may have to wash it with Retayne and Color Catchers if I ever decide to give it to someone.  The back is also a dark red-toned fabric.

I put four quilts in the Show.  My next one went into the Chairman’s Choice Category.  Each Show, the Chairman gets to decide on the theme and issues a “challenge” to the members to make a quilt that goes with that theme.  Our 2010 Show was “Remembering a Simpler Time” and the challenge was to make a quilt at least 60″ on one side that used reproduction fabrics from the 30’s.  You may recall seeing this quilt as it went along:

I only finished the quilting while I was on retreat the weekend before Easter.  I used a punched polyester batting which in the end I really didn’t like.  It seemed to slide around too much and it had a bit of a puffy finish.  Did I mention that I really don’t like this quilt?  Reproduction fabrics are not my favorites.  I didn’t even have any in my stash.  I wasn’t planning on participating in the Challenge but then I saw a picture of an antique quilt done with the Carpenter Stars and triple sashing.  I did love working on the blocks which were paper pieced during our last trip.

Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, this quilt also has a ribbon.  It was selected by the Chairman as her favorite quilt in the category.  I was very touched and honored because she is an excellent quilter who does beautiful work.  The judge gave it very good reviews but the competition was fierce in this category so I didn’t place.  The Chairman told me she liked it because it was precisely constructed (my points did all come out as close to perfect as I’ll ever get) and used a traditional quilting pattern in the border.

This quilt had to be blocked twice.  I blocked it the first time before putting on the binding.  Then I foolishly used steam when pressing the binding and the borders rippled like crazy.  I washed it and then reblocked it.  (It was a huge job to block since every corner had to be pinned and there was so much sashing to get straight.)

I didn’t mind spending the time though since I had used too much starch the first time around and there were little pools of dried starch visible on the white.   Those had to be washed out.

I had one more quilt in the Show – my Slider Puzzle Poppy.  It was in the Art Category, Open Division.  It didn’t win a ribbon but then it didn’t really deserve one, especially considering the kind of competition.  I still like this quilt a lot and I will probably hang it in the house somewhere.  Besides, it is too stiff from all of the fusible webbing to fold up and put away.

You can read all about this quilt here:  http://wp.me/pmX8h-fV

My friend’s JoAnne, Linda, Shawn, Patty and Elizabeth all won ribbons, too.  Take a quick visit over to JoAnne’s blog and see her beautiful quilts!  The picture of the Sally Collin’s-inspired star does not do it justice at all.  It is absolutely stunning!


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Blocking a Quilt

A month or so ago, I committed to entering my Botanical Quilt in the Bear Creek Quilt Show.  It has been hanging in our living room for several months.  Every time I walked by I noticed how “wavy” it was. . . as my friend Paula says – “It is a very friendly quilt”.  (Get it?  It waves to everyone!)

This is what it looked like on the wall.  You can even see that it didn’t lay flat in this photo.

I’ve been following Leah Day’s blog and she recently posted about blocking a quilt.  I knew I had to do something with this quilt, so I decided to follow her guidance.  I started by removing the binding (she says you should block a quilt after quilting but before you trim it up square .)  Then, I wet it in the bathtub with very cold water (it had been washed but that is a whole other story . . . ) and then put it on a piece of foam insulation board.  It took more than three hours to get the whole quilt pinned down.  I had to square up every corner.

After I had it pinned, I sprayed it with liquid spray starch that I mixed pretty strong.  I couldn’t get out all of the border waves.  You can still see them in this picture.  I plan to trim off some of the border.  Hopefully that will take out some of the wave.

I quilted a lot of pebbles in this quilt and I think it took up a lot of fabric.  I don’t think any amount of quilting in the border could take up enough fabric.  We will just have to see how it goes after trimming.  Assuming it still isn’t flat – Should I try to pull the binding tight to take up some of the extra fabric?


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Baby Doll Quilts

I have been doing a bit of quilting lately.  A bit being the operative word here.  I made two baby doll quilts for a friend’s daughter who got the American Doll Twin Babies for Christmas.

I also submitted my entries for the Bear Creek Quilt Guild biannual Show (just in the nick of time.)  I have committed to entering four quilts:

  • Alan’s Choice
  • Botanical Ferns
  • Carpenter Stars (Chairman’s Choice)
  • Slide Puzzle Poppy

I really have to get working on the Carpenter Stars since that one isn’t even pieced yet!

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Quilt Show Planning

Entries are due for the Bear Creek Quilt Guild 2010 Show in January.  I am trying to be realistic this year.  For the Show in 2008, I ended up with more than I could get done and had to put in a finished quilt (that wasn’t really show material) as a last minute substitution.

  1. Botanical Quilt
  2. Chairman’s Challenge Quilt
  3. Childhood Memory Challenge
  4. Annie’s Choice
  5. Purple Storm at Sea
  6. Judy Niemeyer Eclipse
  7. Miniature Pineapple from Hand Dyes

The Botanical Quilt is finished but it has awfully wavy borders.  Before the show, I will have to do something with it.  I’m thinking I will start by hacking down the outer border and re-binding it.  It might end up without a border before all is finished.

These three are already pieced but need to be quilted:

  • Annie’s Choice
  • Purple Storm at Sea
  • Judy Niemeyer Eclipse

I started quilting the Storm at Sea two years ago.  I am very unhappy with how the back looks.  I used a neutral, solid fabric that is showing the purple thread in a very unpleasant way.  I am considering re-backing it after I finish the quilting.  That, or maybe I won’t have it judged even though I think the piecing is better than my normal work.

I’ve already finished the majority of the piecing work on my Chairman’s Challenge quilt.  That leaves work to begin on the miniature pineapple and the Childhood Memory Challenge.  More about these later . . .

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