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Daisies Everywhere!


I visited a local fabric shop that was having a sidewalk sale a couple weeks ago (www.sewitup.com).  They mostly do clothes and carry some really adorable kid’s patterns.  As many of you know, I’m not the typical quilter.  I never learned how to sew clothes.  I just jumped into quilts (although I have made some curtains and pillows.)  I saw this really cute sundress (the key point being that there were no sleeves to deal with) and thought it would be fun and easy to make for my two cousins – Ashley and Alyssa.  I figured a day or so is all it would take but then again what do I know?

I’m not sure which one was harder – the small one (18 months – pink hanger) or the big one (size 5 – red hanger).  Hopefully, they both will fit quilt-blog-photos-006-small-trim_crthe girls.  I couldn’t resist adding the pompoms on the bottom.  I used fabric from my stash, but ended up spending a small fortune on the the trim!  I think it was worth it though – besides being really cute, the daisies covered up some of my uneven seams:) 




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