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Well, this is one pretty pathetic design wall!  I’m getting ready to head out for retreat later this week so there isn’t much going on in my sewing room other than me making a big mess.

My Mom asked for a baby quilt for a special friend and these are the two panels I pulled out of my stash.  The bears on the right is really a pretty big panel and not really suitable if the baby is a boy (they don’t know so I’m going for the generic baby colors.)  I’ve used the Noah’s Ark once before but can’t seem to find a picture of what I came up with to get it the right size.  I’ll have to dive into EQ6 tonight.


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It has been months since I posted a Design Wall Wednesday photo and it will probably be months until I do so again . . .

Not much has changed except for my ribbons which are now hanging on the wall.  I’m going to have to figure out a permanent solution for them at some point!

My friend Pat always posts pictures of her purchases so I thought I would do the same thing.  This is what I bought at the Bear Creek Quilt Show last weekend:

If you check out Pat’s blog you will notice that we have a few items in common!  I talked her into buying the Purple Thang.  I already had one and wanted another one for my travel bag.  They are just the greatest.  I also bought the “sack” pattern that she got at the Show.  The red thing on a string is a scissor holder.  My scissors are always out of reach when I’m doing hand work on the couch at night.  This should solve that problem.  The teen crochet book may seem a little out-of-place but I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet for years and this book had some terrific instructions and simple patterns.  If I fail again, I’ll just give it to my Mom!

The bear fabric is a panel that I’m going to use with all of my left-over Aunt Gracie fabrics so they don’t take up any room in my closet!  I like to have a baby quilt on the shelf and that should make a good, gender-neutral quilt.  Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

I’m off to start cutting fabric for my Judy Niemeyer Christmas Celebration Tree Skirt . . . Maybe by the time we get back from our next trip I will have it pieced.

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It has been a few days since I posted because I have put ALL of my stamp stuff away!  I really need to get back into my sewing room and we are probably getting company this weekend so I needed to clean up anyway.

While I haven’t been stamping, I have been microwaving my stamps!  I started the process of un-mounting my Stampin’ Up sets so that I can store them in CD cases.  It takes a bit of time since I’ve been peeling off the labels as well and gluing them to the back of the foam.  Then I’m adding a layer of Tombow and letting it dry so I have a tacky surface.  I’m also photo copying the stamps so I can put a cover on the CD case.  The process seems to be working.  I read a lot about what others had done on Splitcoast and this seemed like the best option.  I will have to get some of the larger DVD-size cases for my bigger stamp sets.  I’m through just about 20 sets in the last four days.

I’ve got my sewing room tidied up and took out the quilt I should be getting finished in the next couple of days.  This is entered in the Bear Creek Quilt Show in April so I have got to get ‘er done!

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Oh No!  My design wall looks practically the same as last week.  I have been spending most of my free time making cards lately – as my friend Sherrill pointed out recently!

I did manage to get my Slider Puzzle Poppy Quilt all put together.  As you might recall, I used the quilt as you go method.  Now I have to do something with the back.  I started to put strips over the seams but that was a lot of work and I didn’t have any of the backing fabric left so the results were somewhat questionable.  I’ve decided to recover the whole back and stitch it in the ditch from the front.  Should make for a nice neat back . . .

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I have had two projects on my design wall for some time now.  The first is the Christmas Joy Row by Row.  You can see where I’m going (although it is going slowly) at this post.  I want to get the border fabric before I start cutting up fabric for the little blocks.

The second project has been in the works for years.  I started out as a Poppy by Carol Morrissey.  I took the class with Carol and really enjoyed I but wasn’t completely happy with my purple poppy.  It went in the closet.  I finally got it out to start quilting it after the New Year and the fusible had turned to rock!  I am not exaggerating (much).  I just couldn’t get my machine to handle the free motion quilting without dropping stitches.

Finally, I just put on the walking foot and started randomly stitching across the quilt.  I decided that I would turn it into a “Slider Puzzle Quilt” – it was either this or place mats.  I always wanted to try a quilt as you go method and the Slider Quilt seemed like a good candidate.  I had read all about it on Leah Day’s blog.  If you are at all interested in free motion quilting – check out Leah’s blog.  It is really terrific.

I am kind of liking this project now – it has sort of an art spin.  I will probably put it in the Bear Creek Quilt Guild Show in April.  It won’t take me much to get it finished.

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It has been ages since I posted, but I figured I wouldn’t wait until the New Year to start again!

This Wednesday my sewing room is also our second guest bedroom.  My parents arrived today and my in-laws got here yesterday.  So, my design wall has a bed in front of it.  I’m including this photo with the blow-up mattress since it has a quilt on it that I don’t think I have shown, although I may have.

I’m calling this my Christmas Trip around the World.  I bought the fabric and did all of the piecing on our last big trip.  The quilt ended up being a little small for the bed so I put it on sideways.   I really love the paisley fabric that is on the border.

The blocks on the wall are part of an exchange I did with my Day Bee.  Six members participated and we each made one of the rows.  I don’t think I’m going to assemble it in the traditional way.  I want to keep the packages in a row but the other blocks I’m thinking I’m going to organize in some kind of block layout.  Standby for more details . . .

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