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On the Road Again

I haven’t been great about posting the last month or so (mostly because I’ve been so busy sewing and making cards)!  It won’t be getting much better soon since we are heading out on the road tomorrow for a trip to Missouri – probably at least 4 weeks and maybe as long as 6 weeks.  I’ll try and post about some of the quilt projects I’m taking along in the trailer or perhaps about the various Quilt Shops.

Be sure to check out my travel blog occasionally:  www.ciemian.wordpress.com


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Travel Box

As most of you already know, I spend several months each year traveling in a 23′ Airstream trailer with my husband and my sewing machine.  A few weeks ago, I spotted this post on Bonnie Hunter’s blog about a cute little trash/scrap box that folds flat:   http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2011/02/from-trashto-treasurefor-trash.html .  I thought it would be great for taking on the road.

The original creator, Chris at Weekend Wisdom, posted a very thorough tutorial that walks you through the whole process.  It only took me about an hour and two trips to the laundry room sink to wash the glue off my hands.  Check it out at:  http://weekendwisdom.blogspot.com/2011/02/scrap-bin-tutorial.html

When I went looking for the fat quarter, I spotted this adorable fortune cookie fabric that says cute things like “failure is the mother of success” and “the best is yet to come”.  I am pretty sure this fabric was a gift from my special friend Pat at Bell Creek Quilts . . . I will smile when I think of Pat each time I take it out of my bag!

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We took a day to do nothing while staying near Asheville so that hopefully I would recover from this nagging cold.  I didn’t sew much but I did spend an hour or so this evening working on my Judy Neimeyer Christmas Tree Skirt.  I have half of it completely finished.  The other half just needs the outer arc stitched onto the pie shapes.  I should definitely have it done before we get back home to Texas in early July.

I might like to make another one of these one day with different fabrics.  I would change a couple of things . . .  I used four different gold on white backgrounds.  I would probably use the same light-colored background for the whole skirt.  The multi-colored batik that makes up most of the skirt should have a little more interest.  I love the fabric colors but I think it could be better.  Lastly, I would probably put a little more variety into the flying geese and triangles – maybe four or five different fabrics would be better.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love it but I feel like I rushed the fabric choices when I was preparing for this trip.

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Rag Quilt Purse

A couple of weeks ago my Mother tried to shame me into making a bag for her by posting pictures of one she liked on her blog:  http://patdee.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/first-ride/

Well, “shame” may not be the right word but you get the idea.  Luckily, this project was pretty manageable even while we are on the road and I’m sewing in a 23′ Travel Trailer.  My Mom doesn’t have the bag yet, but here is a picture of my version of the Rag Quilt Purse:

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Baby Quilt Finished

I managed to make a baby quilt completely from start to finish while on the road!  Other than fabric and a pattern, I only had to purchase safety pins for basting.  It isn’t like I don’t have a million safety pins at home – I just never thought I would try to actually “quilt” a quilt while we were on the road.  It didn’t go too bad but I wouldn’t say this was my best work.

In the end, I decided not to add any additional borders.  I generally like to keep my baby quilts to the width of the backing fabric so I went with that for this quilt as well. You can read about the pattern on my previous post.

P.S.  We stopped in a Wal-Mart in South Georgia the other day that was under going remodeling.  The sewing section had a really nice selection of pre-cut fabrics that were of a decent quality.  I was very excited.  There are so many places that don’t have decent quilt shops or a JoAnn’s that it is nice to see the Wal-Mart making the effort to provide a better quality fabric.

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Quilting on the Road

We are out on the road again.  You can read all about our travels here:  www.ciemian.wordpress.com

I’ve got a couple of projects with me, including the Judy Niemeyer Christmas Tree skirt.  Foundation paper piecing projects are great when you are living in a 23′ trailer because everything fits into one bin.  I do most of the cutting before we leave home.   The one thing I don’t have with me when we are trailing is a large cutting mat.

My Mom suggested that I might want to make a baby quilt for my stepbrother’s first grandchild.  The shower is at the end of June so I would have to buy and make everything while we are on the road.  At our last stop, we were close to Quilting by the Bay in Panama City, Florida.  It is a great shop. They have terrific samples and kits.  I loved wandering around!

I left the shop with a Jelly Roll and the Me and My Sister Design’s pattern Jelly Sandwich.  I wasn’t really hung up on using every strip in the Roll and I didn’t think the Baby Quilt needed to be that big so I modified it a bit.  Besides leaving out a few rows, I made it a little narrower and also color coordinated the nine-patches in the white sashing.  The pattern called for a random sampling.

Now I have to decide on a border.  The pattern calls for a scrappy border cut from the strips.  I’m not sure I’m going to do that.  It is big enough as it is but I think a traditional border may enhance the pattern.  I will have to get to a quilt shop soon so that I can buy some batting and backing and maybe border fabric.

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Apples Arrive!

Well, the “secret” gift that I referenced a few days ago has made it to Wisconsin.  You can pop over to my friend Pat’s blog where she posted a lovely picture.  (My pictures never come out that good. ) I hope this doesn’t put too much pressure on Pat to finish the row-by-row.   That was NOT my intention! 

It was fun making the apples since I had such good memories of our visit including our tour of the Miller Brewing Plant.  Pat and her family were wonderful hosts when we visited a few months ago.   We had a great time! 

Resized milwaukee 027

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