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New Name

Now that I’ve been posting pictures of some of my cards, I thought I needed a new name for my Blog.  My Brother-in-Law changed the name of his blog all the time.  I also thought it might be interesting to post some pictures of my dear hubby’s projects.  Besides, there isn’t really much quilting on the road – maybe I’ll just make that the tag line. 

So, for now, I’m going with Crafting on Cumberland.  What do you think?  Other suggestions?


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I got Paula’s Quilt loaded on my “studio” frame on Saturday night after Karen graciously applied the borders and drove it down to me in a raging storm.  I spent Sunday making cards and then got to quilting today.  (Ignore the blue painter’s tape on the quilt – I use that as a guide to know how much room I have before I bump into the bar.)

It has been going pretty well (knock on wood).  I wasn’t able to do a lot of custom quilting because the blocks are just too big for my machine.  I’m doing an all-over daisies and leaves pattern free-hand.  This is the first time I’ve quilted with Aurofil thread and I am absolutely loving it.  I have been using it for piecing with great results, too.  I’m going to have to buy more of it in different colors.  I only have two neutrals in any quantity. 


Those are bicycle tires you see in the background.  Our sun porch is now doing duel duty as the bike storage room.  The last time we road our bikes was for Tour Dallas on April 4.  It is definitely worth getting up early for – and that is saying a lot coming from me.  I don’t get up early for much.  They close off the major roads through Dallas and you ride with about 3,000 people.  It is a great, fun ride.  The weather was a little overcast in the morning, but it cleared up nicely so we had a pleasant 30 miles.  Here is a photo of the start:


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Do You Know Mark?



Hey!  Can you believe it?  Mark Lipinski actually read my Blog and commented!  For those of you who don’t know Mark (like we are on a first name basis) – he’s the editor/cover model/creator of Quilter’s Home magazine.  This is one of the only magazines I still subscribe to and I love it.  I did have the chance to meet Mark (of course for about 10 seconds) in Houston the year before last during Quilt Show.  His Blog is also on my Blogroll.  Check it out sometime:  


If you haven’t read Quilter’s Home, you should.  It is more than just patterns; not like a lot of the quilt magazines.  I also try to keep up with the Quilter’s Home Yahoo Group – PickleRoadStudio, but there are a lot of message posted and they aren’t all quilt related.  There are some pretty interesting discussions in that Group, though!

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Word of the Year

I haven’t actually set goals for next yet, yet.  I may still.  But as I was thinking about it, it came to me that I wanted to be more accepting in 2009 – both with myself and with others.  So, I now have a word for the year:


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The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio refers to a never-ending, never-repeating number:

1.61803398874989445683436563811772030917980576 . . .

You may have heard of Pi.  Phi is a similar number in that it is based in geometry and irrational.  Phi is also sometimes called “The Golden Section” or the “Divine Proportion”  and was first defined in the around 300 B.C.  Euclid defined a proportion derived frm a simple division of a line into what he called its “extreme and mean ratio.”  In Euclids words, taken from the book The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio:

A straight line is said to have been cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser.

A poem about Pi was written by Paul S. Bruckman and published in 1977 in The Fibonacci Quarterly:

The golden mean is quite absurd;
It’s not your ordinary surd,
If you inver it (this is fun!)
You’ll get itself, reduced by one;
But if increased by unity,
This yields its square, take it from me. 

 More about Pi to come!

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Revised UFO List

I did a little more digging in my closets and looking at old lists and I’ve modified my official 2009 UFO List slightly.  I’ve decided not to prioritize them – I’ll just work on whatever one interests me at the time.  But, I am going to finish one UFO before I start each new project! 

Several of these quilts are already in the quilting stage which means I’ve started the quilting but not finished it yet.  I am really going to make an effort to do a little quilting every day.  To make this easier, I’m going to set up two machines.  My PQ1500 will be ready for quilting at any time and I’ll have my other machine in a small table for piecing. 

  1. Green and Red Strippy
  2. Blue and Gold Soldier Stars
  3. One Block Wonder
  4. Judy Neimeyer Eclipse
  5. Jinny Breyer Moon Glow Stars
  6. Football Rag Quilt
  7. Baby Antique Embroidery Blocks
  8. Pointless Wonder 
  9. Storm at Sea
  10. Botanical Quilt
  11. Poppy
  12. October Leaves
  13. Karen’s Batik
  14. Old Quilt 1
  15. Old Quilt 2
  16. Annie’s Choice
  17. Yellow and Green Mini Crazy Blocks
  18. Green and Red Applique Vines
  19. Pinwheels

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UFO List

I’ve been considering joining the Stashbuster’s UFO Challenge.  So, I went through the trouble today of looking through my file of planned projects/UFOs/kits/patterns.  I’ve come up with the following list of what I would consider real UFO’s.  They are officially started (at least cut).  I’m really going to commit to finishing one project for each new project I start. 

  1. Soldier Stars
  2. Jinny Breyer Moon Glow Stars
  3. One Block Wonder
  4. Judy Neimeyer Eclipse
  5. Football Rag Quilt
  6. Antique Baby Embroidery Blocks
  7. Quilt for Fred and Autumn
  8. Pointless Wonder Stars
  9. Purple Storm at Sea
  10. Botanical
  11. Poppy (Basting/Quilting)
  12. Karen’s Batik Quilt
  13. Old Quilt 1
  14. Old Quilt 2
  15. Annie’s Choice Blocks (Black/White/Red)
  16. Yellow and Green Crazy Quilt
  17. Green and Red Appliqué (Redo Vines)

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