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Nine-Patch Swap Quilt

My Day Bee is doing a swap this year.  Each month a member picks a block they want and the members make the block (one or more, up to 18″ of equivalent block).  My friend Lisa picked house blocks and got a wide variety!  Her quilt should be really interesting.  I’m looking forward to seeing it finished.

I saw this quilt some time ago on a blog.  I am very sorry that I can not give credit since I didn’t think to keep track of its origin.  It may have been on the C&T Publishing Blog:  http://www.ctpubblog.com/

I really liked the quilt and my husband even said he liked it!  I knew we were talking about doing this swap and on first glance I figured this was a nine-patch which would be simple for everyone.

I played with the layout in EQ6 a bunch of times and could not get it to work.  It was just too hard with the sashing overlapping the nine-patch.  At one point, I was even working with this block.

I finally realized I was making the whole thing too complicated!  It is a nine-patch on point but you can lay out the whole thing very easily by just making it all squares on point.  The sashing (which isn’t really sashing) is simply four-patches on point. It just takes some time to color all of the patches.

I was loading it into EQ6 so I could get an idea of how much yardage I needed for the background fabric and to decide on a size for the nine-patch.  I’m thinking 8″ finished nine-patches at this point – otherwise the quilt gets very large, very fast.  I figure two-inch finished four-patches shouldn’t be completely impossible.  If they start giving me problems, I’ll just paper piece them!

Here is my layout in EQ6:

Anything else I should be considering?  My month for the swap is August so I need to start shopping for the background fabric.


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