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A UFO Finish!!!!

You can read more about my struggles with designing the layout of my One Block Wonder at this post from way back in 2009:  https://ciemianquilts.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/just-sew-it/

I finally quilted it last month on my friend Paula’s Statler Stitcher with a tulip pattern. She is great to let me use it!

You can see what is left of the original fabric on the back:

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have this project complete at long last.  I have two more UFO’s to post but neither felt as good as getting this quilt DONE!


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Design Wall Monday

I have to admit that I hadn’t been really convinced that this quilt would ever make it to this point – it is a complete quilt top now just waiting to be quilted!  I put it up on my Design Wall a few days ago when I started working on piecing together the back.

I didn’t have enough leftovers and had to go to my stash for the white stars on blue but luckily I remembered to cut the binding before I started hacking at my scraps!

If all goes as planned I should have it quilted tomorrow!

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. . . or really just a Purple UFO.  Did I get the words to the song right?  I’m pretty sure that isn’t right but I’m going to resist the urge to Google it!

My friend Paula (who is far out in front leading our Bee UFO Challenge) brought this Predominantly Purple (my name for the quilt, not hers) quilt to Bee on Thursday.  I think she said it was her oldest UFO and had been hanging around for years mostly finished just waiting for another border or two.  It was started with leftover parts from a baby quilt and just kept growing.

The thing I liked about this quilt is that Paula used the dark purple fabric in a bunch of places throughout the quilt so it makes the whole thing very cohesive even while it is still scrappy.

Paula has started cutting 10-1/2″ squares from her left-over fabrics after hearing Bonnie Hunter speak at our Guild.  So, she went with this scrappy back, rather than use up good yardage . . .

I have two of my seven UFO’s completely finished and I’ll post photos next week.  I’m sewing back the binding on my One Block Wonder (which I thought for sure was never going to be finished since it had been on my design wall so long it started to grow roots).  The Green and Yellow is waiting to be quilted and the Soldier Starts just needs one more border!

Of course the two big challenges are bringing up the rear – my Storm at Sea still needs a lot of quilting and the Christmas Row by Row is in the partial re-design stage.  More about these later . . .

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Design Wall Monday

I used to like to post a Design Wall Wednesday but several of my friends all posted what they were working on (or at least had hung on their wall) on Monday.  So, I’m going with the flow . . .

My wall only looks a little different than what I posted yesterday.  You see (a lot of threads and) that I still have the Soldier Stars UFO up (without any real progress) but I also have my Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter being previewed.  I’ll write more about Bonnie another day.  (I have so many great things to share about Bonnie and the Workshop.  It deserves an entire blog post of it’s own.)  One side note – for those of you that follow Bonnie, two of the blocks are missing from the wall because they are currently sitting in my sewing machine acting as an “ender.”

The Soldier Stars UFO started in 1998.  Here is the magazine header where I spotted it soon after I had started quilting. I had just joined my first quilting guild in Pleasanton, CA and they were making donation quilts for children.  I really loved this quilt and thought I should make it – boy have I learned a ton since then!

First lesson, donation quilts should generally require a whole lot less work.  You never know whether they will be appreciated or may end up as a dog bed.

I went to the local quilt shop (which I can vaguely remember but not the name) and a very nice lady helped me.  She convinced me to switch it up from the brown to blue, which I think now was a good idea.  Then, she helped me pick out all of the blue and gold fat quarters.  Today, I have hundreds of fat quarters and could make this quilt out of my stash!

Until this year, I had only worked on the stars.  You can see that some of mine are pretty wonky.  What you can’t tell as much in the photo is that many of the earlier ones weren’t even close to the right size!  I had this project out a few times over the years and started to make the stars using more traditional paper piecing and the results are much better.

At one point, I thought it would be a good idea to redesign this quilt and make it big enough to donate to a soldier in the Quilts of Valor program.  This is where the quilt got it’s name . . . Soldier Stars.  I finally decided to just stop playing around and finish it the way it was designed.  I am still planning on donating it but probably to another Program.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

The Past

It has been months since I posted and I’m taking the New Year to consider what I want this Blog to be (or not to be) in 2011. Most of my entries last year were about cards that I had made for various challenges. While I’ve enjoyed doing the challenges and continue to do them on and off, the time it takes to do a nice post could probably be better used crafting or quilting (or cleaning or exercising.)

I’ve also used this blog to track unfinished quilt projects (aka UFO’s) and fabric stash usage (my friend Pat at bellcreekquilts.blogspot.com does a great job with both tracking fabric and using it!) On occasion, I’ve posted design wall photos. There were also pictures of finished quilts.

The Plan

I am thinking that the best use of my Crafting on Cumberland Blog primarily for personal accountability. The year I blogged about my stash busting was very productive (although I don’t think I kept it up until the end of the year.)

I don’t really have a lot of goals or objectives for card making in 2011. I do really want to do something with the bins full of memorabilia that I’ve collected from our various Airstream Adventures (read more at ciemian.wordpress.com) but this shouldn’t take a lot of time or require extensive tracking. A lot of it just needs to be thrown away. I don’t want to make a traditional scrapbook out of it and the answer may just be to toss it all.

My biggest hope for 2011 is to finish a large portion of the quilt projects that are in differing stages of completion so I’m going to start with that here today (even if it is already March.)  I have committed to two UFO challenges this year – one with each of my Quilt Bees.  The Bear Paws Quilt Bee is doing a challenge to see how many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) can actually get finished between now and July.  I’ve given this list (and the associated fat quarters that you put up.)

  • Storm at Sea
  • Tree Wall Hanging
  • Soldier Stars
  • Green & Yellow Blocks
  • Once Block Wonder
  • Row by Row
  • Sherbert

For each UFO you finished, you get your name in a drawing for a chance to win the whole pot of fat quarters.

Here is a photo of where I am with Soldier Stars which is on my design wall right now . . .

Soldier Stars UFO

There is a long story about this quilt that I will share another time along with my UFO Goals for my Night Bee.

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Finished Project Challenge

I am participating in an a “Finished Project” challenge with my Night Bee.  We have at least one member who doesn’t have any UFOs (can you believe this! I should take a lesson from her – she only buys fabric for a specific project and finishes that project before she buys for the next.) So, instead of being just about finishing UFO’s, you get credit for any finished project.  You put one fat quarter in the kitty for each project you are committing to finishing in 2010.  Once it is complete, you get one entry in a drawing to win the fat quarters.  We started in November, so I already have four finishes:

  1. A Michigan Garden – FINISHED
  2. Quilt for Fred and Autumn – FINISHED
  3. Paisley Trip Around the World – FINISHED
  4. Chairman’s Challenge
  5. Pink Cats – FINISHED
  6. Annie’s Choice
  7. Poppy
  8. One Block Wonder
  9. Judy Niemeyer Eclipse
  10. Purple Storm at Sea
  11. Yellow and Green Crazy Quilt
  12. Floral Disappearing Nine Patch

I think this is a little short to be my UFO list for 2010 but it is a very good starting point.

I should have taken a picture of Fred & Autumn’s quilt before I mailed it but it was shipped out before I thought about it.  Fred & Autumn had been married for close to two years already . . . I did take it to Show & Tell at Bear Creek Quilt Guild and here is the photo from that night:

The Kitty Kat quilt I completed while we were on the road this summer.  I quilted it on my studio frame at home with my PQ1500 (which I still really love.)  I had no problems but I have got to stop “over-quilting”.  I’m never happy with my daisy the first time around so I double all of the petals.  I end up using way too much thread and the whole process takes too long!  I got bored at least twice and left the quilt sitting in the frame for weeks . . .

This went off to a special little girl for Christmas!

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Alan’s Choice

I’m renaming my “Annie’s Choice” quilt “Alan’s Choice” since Alan did have a lot to do with the final layout.  This setting of the Annie’s Choice blocks was his favorite.  He liked the simplicity. 

When I started this post, I thought I had a finished flimsy, but now I realize that I had planned on a small black border the same size as the sashing.  Back to the sewing room! 

I really want to get a project done before we head back out on the road.  I haven’t had a finished UFO in months!  Hopefully, that can happen since this will have to go onto a long-arm in order for me to get a nice, even all-over pattern of some sort.  Maybe I’ll be binding on the road . . .

Quilt Blog Photos 005_cr

The focus is off slightly because the flash really wanted to turn the red to purple.  This will have to do for now.

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